NPR [National Public Radio] was quite the experience. During the summer I started as a Creative Intern under the Branding and Marketing Team. There I worked on a variety of projects from branding and building the specs for PMDMC [Public Media Development and Marketing Conference], to in-house advertisment and branding for NPR annual BBQ. 

From there I joined the Visuals Team and worked as their Animation Intern. I began by working on Explainer Animations for one of the last videos in the Youtube series, Future You by Elise Hu. After that I worked on multiple smaller projects such as creating animated Lower 3rds and slates for HIBT [How I Built This], doing small motion edits on video series, and creating characters to animate for the upcoming Medival Episode of Planet Money. There are a couple projects that are still in the works such as the Teaser video for Sampling, where I am creating hand drawn animations to fit the series brand and animation style. Along with this, I am building out Lower 3rd ideas for Tiny Desk. 
From Creative to Animation~
I had the opportunity to be a part of two teams at NPR, the Branding & Marketing Team and the Visuals Team.  

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference - Layout and Experience

Explainer Animation for Elise Hu’s Future You video on Memory Boosting through Brain Stimulation. 2:37 — 3:22

Storyboarding for Memory Boosting

Planet Money - Medieval Episode character design sketches

Planet Money - Medieval Episode character designs on top of video

Sampling -Teaser Animation Storyboarding and Brainstorming

Sampling - Rough Cut of Animations on Teaser Video [Still Working]

Here are just a few awesome Tiny Desks that I got to watch and help film!

Monday Nov 5 2018